About Me

imageI find my work to be very creative. Each session is unique as is each person who comes to see me.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1992 so I have studied many many forms of bodywork in those years but I have been especially enamoured with my studies in Ayurveda beginning in 2005.  Learning and changing is a life long experience for me.  Living with choice in my life is tracked to my later 20's when I realized I could make changes in how I saw life.  Although initated by a Crisis, it did not come in one swift swoop but instead has been a building of a very sound foundation constructed from many difficult life situations.  These challenges are what brought the courage and maturity to face what life brought to me.

Over my professional career I have studied many different modalities and have had many different roles.  1977 initiated my interest in conscious awareness and my professional growth closely followed.  I entered my professional career as a Family Therapist and Counselor in the Chemical Dependency field which eventually peaked my interest in bodywork and energy.   I knew there was more to helping a person than talking so I investigated and grew into more and more understanding of what moves us or gets us stuck in life. 

My skills are the result of extensive continuing education but my true teacher is my intrigue with the miracles happening daily.  The body is truly amazing and the mind intrigues me with the power we barely understand.  These are the components of my personal and professional practice which feeds my spirit and settles my imbalances.  What I share with my clients is what I am learning for myself.  There is so much more to know; not found in just degrees or certificates but rather in our daily living... as we step by step ... navigate the seas of life.  

Bodywork in its various forms and Ayurveda and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) have been extremely important in my ability to accept life.  Learning to be present to myself and my life - "as it presents itself" has been the most powerful aspect.  I intend to continue this path of seeking a higher consciousness...forever.  


Advanced Ongoing Continuing Education - to enhance current knowledge and learn new skills

Ayurvedic Academy (Kerala Ayurveda Academy) - Seattle, WA - 2005

Jyotish/Ayurvedic Astrology, Current Studies toward Certification with Souvik Dutta, AIAC        Ancient Institute of Astrology Classes

Brenneke School of Massage - Seattle, WA - 1992

The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA - MPA, 1985

Seattle University - Seattle, WA - BA-Community Service/Counseling , 1980