Events & Classes

Ayurveda - Spices of Life & Spoonfuls of Love

Ayurvedic Classes 2 hrs = $25 each. Bring Friend for $5 off 

Fridays - 5:45-7:45pm

2711 N 21st Street Tacoma, WA ( SEEKING BALANCE is inside Saravida’s )

Friday - June 14 - 5:45-7:45pm - KITCHARI / One Pot Cooking - Ayurvedic Style
Learn to make One Pot Kitchari.
Add a Balance of Spices and the secret ingredient of Love to create Spoonfuls of Health & Wellness. 
Learn to adjust recipes for everyday meals or for a Detox.

Friday - June 28 -5:45-7:45pm - Ayurvedic CHAI Tea
Let the special flavors and strength of Spices that balance your organs and improve your metabolism.
Learn to make Ayurvedic CHAI Tea. Can be made fully Herbal with no caffine or caffinated if you prefer.

Friday - July 12 - 5:45-7:45pm -The Beauty and Life in SPICES
Come see, touch & smell a whole array of Spices.
Create your Ayurvedic Kitchen or just come appreciate the life giving possibilities of Spices.
Gain understanding of balancing Doshas and improve digestion.

Who would benefit:
Those interested in the healthful balance & rejuvenative powers of Spices.
Those wanting to appreciate Beauty and Life in Spices.
Those who want to learn how cooking and Spices add Spoonfuls of Love to their Life.
Those who are interested in Ayurvedic Health & Wellness
Ayurveda means the science of living life. Come learn this ancient sister science of Yoga
Learn about an ancient way of Balance ......“SimplyLove"